Subject: My Grievance (WSBA No. 9600432) against Grant L. Anderson.
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:16:35 -0800
From: Doug Schafer <>
To: "Bar Counsel Ende, Doug" <>
CC: "Eymann, Dick" <> [Wash. St. Bar Assoc. current-year President]
"Michels, M. Janice" <> [Wash. St. Bar Assoc. Executive Director]

WSBA Disciplinary Counsel Douglas J. Ende:

As you know, I am the grievant in the above-referenced case, initially filed in late Feb. 1996. Your last correspondence to me was your letter of April 19, 1999. Please advise me if this grievance remains under your active investigation, or if your investigation of it has been suspended due to some ill-advised policy (e.g., the pendency of criminal investigations).

RLD 2.6(b)(1) prescribes your duty as disciplinary counsel to "take cognizance of any alleged or apparent act of misconduct by a lawyer, whether by grievance or otherwise, and investigate the same . . ." I hereby supplement my previous documentation concerning this grievance with the material posted on my website about the misconduct by lawyer Grant L. Anderson and other lawyers, the URL for which is:

I urge you to "take cognizance" of the misconduct reported on my website. If you desire any documentation supporting any of the statements made on my website (e.g., the 6/93 MAI appraisal on Pacific Lanes), please tell me. If you need the website pages in "hard copy" paper form, I trust you are capable of printing them off the website.

Please notice that RLD 4.6(a) permits you to bring formal charges against lawyer Grant L. Anderson based on whatever misconduct (if any) your office yet has identified in the nearly 4 years since I filed this grievance and still later amend such a complaint to add related charges for any misconduct of his that your office later identifies.

(I would feed you evidence of Grant L. Anderson's misconduct concerning [redacted 8/27/02, pursuant to a client's settlement agreement], but I fear that doing so would so overwhelm your office that any investigation of him would reach "gridlock," though that may already have occurred.)

Thank you for all that you and your colleagues do -- I'm so please to be paying for it.


Douglas A. Schafer, Whistling Lawyer in Tacoma, WA.
WSBA No. 8652