To: Appropriate Public Officials
From: Douglas A. Schafer, Attorney
Subject: Judge Grant L. Anderson Matter
Date: March 7, 1996
Today, I received more information and a few more items relevant to this matter.

Conversation with Ian McMillan. I called Ian McMillan (xxxxx xxth Ave. E., Puyallup, WA (206) 537-xxxx). My records indicate that he and his wife bought two surfside condos in 1978 and sold them to Trendwest for $95,000 in December, 1991. I said I was looking into Surfside Resort matters, and asked about his dealings with Trendwest. He said that he never dealt with Trendwest--that he thought he had sold his condos to "the attorneys," who then may have sold them to Trendwest. He said that he had been contacted by the attorneys (he confirmed to me that he was referring to Grant Anderson (who he said he thought "is trying to become a judge")) about selling, and accepted the offer (because the condos were never very good).

He said that he objected to the attorneys about the $10,000 that they charged him for the sale, saying he thought they could not have charged such a high commission without a real estate license or something. He remain upset about how much "the attorneys" charged him. He will look for his papers from his condo sales and send me copies if he locates them. He said his son, Duncan, would willingly talk about Surfside, but Duncan is on vacation until March 18 or 19. I told him that I suspected those attorneys may have acted inappropriately in multiple ways, and he might be contacted by bar or judicial disciplinary authorities. He appeared eager to cooperate.

My conversation with Ian McMillan counters my suspicion that he and the other six condo owners who sold their 10 condos to Trendwest were "straw men" for Chuck Hoffman, but it reinforces my suspicion that Anderson was "milking" the Hoffman Estate in multiple ways.

Deed to CPA Kevin Iverson, of Frind & Iverson, CPAs. I discovered that Kevin Iverson, partner of Gary Frind, also received a TSU for a reported price of $800 from Surfside Condominium Owners' Association, Inc. the same day that his partner, Gary, did. The deed to Gary should be in the Miscellaneous folder that I gave you. A copy of Iverson's deed is enclosed.

New TSU Purchases by Duncan McMillan. I am eager to speak with Duncan McMillan (xxxx - xxnd St. Ct. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335; (206) 858-xxxx) about his sale for $14,100 of six TSUs in Condo 132 to HSI on 3/31/89--3 weeks after Chuck Hoffman's death. My conversation with his father, Ian, suggests that there may be nothing nefarious, but its proximity to Hoffman's death interests me. I did learn, before speaking with Ian, that Duncan had purchased from third parties six TSUs in Condo 308 in 1995. Copies of those two deeds are enclosed.

TSUs Owned by BASH. The county assessor's tax listing for Surfside showed that four TSUs in Condo 214 are owned by BASH, which I recognized as an annual fundraising auction ("Build A Scholastic Heritage") for Tacoma-area private schools: Bellarmine Preparatory Academy, Charles Wright Academy, Annie Wright Academy, and possibly others. The deed I obtained shows these TSUs were donated by Merit Company (owned, I believe, by Leonard Zarelli) in 1988. Nothing appears questionable about this except, possibly, the circumstances relating to Merit Co.'s acquisition of these four TSUs. A copy of the BASH deed is enclosed.

I note that Merit also owned Condos 124 and 226 that it bought through foreclosures in 1985 and 1988, respectively; which were two of the ten sold to Trendwest in late 1991 and early 1992. Since I believe Zarelli is part of the social crowd that includes Hamilton, Anderson, Mike Tucci (Western Comm. Bank Chairman and relative of Zarelli), and others, Merit may have avoided or negotiated down the 10% commission that Ian McMillan reports Anderson charged for arranging sales to Trendwest. Because of Zarelli's friendships, I doubt that he will voluntarily cooperate in any inquiry concerning Anderson.