To: Appropriate Public Officials (Excluding State Bar Assoc. Disciplinary Staff)
From: Douglas A. Schafer, Attorney
Subject: Judge Grant L. Anderson Matter
Date: April 15, 1996
Enclosed are copies of my letter to the Washington State Bar Association ("WSBA") Disciplinary Staff of 3/8/96 together with their responsive letter to me of 4/12/96.

It may or may not surprise you that the WSBA process of "investigating" reports of lawyer misconduct begins with the disciplinary staff forwarding to the accused lawyer all documentation submitted by the reporting person. As a result, I requested the WSBA staff to delay the commencement of its "investigation," so the other investigating governmental authorities would have time to conduct their own investigations before the accused parties begin shredding documents, silencing witnesses, or otherwise attempting to concealing their tracks. (I do recognize that I "let the cat out of the bag" by my Affidavit of Prejudice and supporting statement of 2/2/96, but I have not, so far, publicly disclosed the details.)

The WSBA's letter indicates that the bar's disciplinary staff will defer its "investigation" of the lawyers involved with Mr. Anderson in the handling of the Hoffman Estate until "the criminal proceedings are completed." I assume that the letter writer meant to say, "until other governmental investigations have progressed to the point that disclosures by the WSBA will not compromise them."

Please notify me when your investigation reaches the point that it will not be compromised by the WSBA's providing to the accused lawyers all the information and documentation that I have provided to you. If you have any questions about the WSBA's "investigatory process," feel free to contact the WSBA disciplinary staff directly.

[End of memo.]