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FAX COVER PAGE                               PAGE 1 OF 40                                   DATE: 1/7/99

TO:     Seattle Times (Duff Wilson, Eric Nalder, etc.)
           Seattle P.I. (Steve Militich or others)

MESSAGE: Enclosed are papers relating to The News Tribune's cover story this morning about Pierce County Superior Court Judge Grant "Cadillac" Anderson settling the fraud claims against him by Ocean Beach Hospital for half a million.

While the TNT superficially reported the news, the real story is why--

1.     The State Bar Assoc. superficially investigated the case in 1996 and closed it saying there was NO evidence that Anderson or his friends benefited from his handling of the Hoffman Estate, then sought to sanction the whistleblower (me);

2.     The Pierce County Prosecutor's office superficially investigated in early 1996 and then discouraged others from investigating it;

3.     The Attorney General's office declined to investigate it in early 1996, and instead simply provided my whistleblower's documentation to Judge Anderson;

4.     The Commission on Judicial Conduct superficially pursued the case (not charging for the fraud and self-dealing than enriched the judge and his friends over $1 million), then merely slapped the Judge's wrist with a recommended 4-month suspension.

5.     No journalist would get near these stories, though I doggedly tried to find one to do so. You Seattle journalists should be bright enough to recognize that if the State Bar, the CJC, and the Attorney General's office are too inept (or corrupt) to expose a corrupt Pierce County judge, they might also fail to expose one within your limited zone of interest--King County.

If you are truly interested in any more documentation concerning this case, let me know (but don't waste more of my time if you're not).