From: Doug Schafer []
To: Winsley, Sen. Shirley; Talcott, Rep. Gigi; Carrell, Rep. Michael
Subject: Pierce Cnty Judge Anderson//Judicial & Legal Discipline
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 1999 1:27 AM

Please confirm that you received a copy of my letter to
legislative leaders urging bipartisan action to remove Pierce
County Superior Court Judge Grant L. "Cadillac" Anderson. As both
he and I (his whistleblower) are constituents of the 28th
District, you may take a special interest in the case. I'd be
pleased to share with you or any other legislative members the
details of his case, as I shared them with the investigator of
the Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) 35 months ago (yes,
almost three full years ago!). The investigator even that first
day informally scored his case a "13" on a 10-point scale. That
investigator later documented all of the misconduct that formed
the basis of the hospital's million-dollar-plus claim against
Anderson, but the CJC members chose to charge Anderson only for
accepting the Cadillac loan payments -- then slapped his wrist by
recommending only a 4-month suspension from office.

Some things are seriously wrong with the CJC, and I suggest the
creation of something resembling a grand jury to investigate it
(for, I am told, witnesses who testify will need anonymity or
protection from retribution). The same body should investigate
the Bar's disciplinary system, as most any lawyer will tell you
that it's a joke!

To illustrate the caliber of the Bar's disciplinary office: Last
year I printed a flyer describing Anderson's misconduct that I
had exposed to appropriate public officials two years earlier,
subtitled "The crook inside the robe. How long do we leave a
child abuser in charge of a nursery?" The Bar staff then began a
disciplinary investigation of me, and directed me to produce any
evidence I had showing that Anderson ran a nursery or was a child
abuser. (What's a metaphor?)

The Bar disciplinary staff in 1996 looked at the same documents
that I gave to the CJC investigator, then within about 3 months
declared its investigation of Anderson and his lawyer friends
closed due to the absence of "any evidence" of their misconduct.

There are good reasons for the public's cynicism of the legal
system -- many lawyers are cynical of it as well. The legislature
can help either by doing something dramatic itself, or by at
least bringing pressure to bear on legal system leaders to address
at least the obvious problems.

Thanks for "listening."

Doug Schafer, Attorney
Office: 253-383-2167