Subject: WSBA vs. Doug Schafer
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:43:49 -0700
From: Doug Schafer <>
To: "Bar Gen. Counsel Bob Welden" <>,
"Bar Exec. Dir. Janice Michels" <>
BCC: [present and recent members of the Bar's Board of Governors]
"Boggs, Robert" <>,
"Carlisle, Dale" <>,
"Carlson, Carl" <>,
"Davidson, Kenneth" <>,
"Deno, James" <>,
"Dillie, Bryce" <>,
"Durkan, Jennifer" <>,
"Eymann, Dick" <>,
"Graves, Daryl" <>,
"Henderson, Stephen" <>,
"Hyslop, William" <>,
"Isaki, Lucy" <>,
"Krueger, Walter" <>,
"Manning, Richard" <>,
"Osborne, Stephen" <>,
"Ostlund, Jon" <>,
"Peterson, Jan Eric" <>,
"Powers, John" <>,
"Thompson Lindsay" <>,
"Vreeland, Victoria" <>

Is there anyone to whom I can appeal this childishness? Doug Schafer.

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Subject: RE: WSBA vs. Doug Schafer
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:16:30 -0700
From: Chris Gray <>
To: 'Doug Schafer' <>, Chris Gray <>
CC: Barrie Althoff <>

Previously during this litigation, we have declined to provide you with electronic copies of our filings. Previously during this litigation, you have sought to have the Hearing Officer require us to provide you with electronic copies of our filings. The Hearing Officer denied your request.

We decline to provide you with an electronic copy of our brief.

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From: Doug Schafer []
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 4:00 PM
To: Gray, Christine (Managing Disc. Counsel) <>
CC: Althoff, Barrie (Chief Disc. Counsel) <>
Subject: WSBA vs. Doug Schafer

Ms. Christine Gray,

Will you please e-mail to me a copy of your "Answering Brief of the WSBA" that you filed in the Supreme Court in my case this week.  I wish to provide it efficiently to parties who have an interest in the case, some of whom may wish to file amicus briefs. My hope is that you will provide it in either a word processor format (MS Word) or Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF), but my preference is the latter. MS Word permits saving a document as a more compact PDF file, but I'll do that conversion if you don't.  Adobe Acrobat PDF is a "secure format" so that the document's file cannot be altered by its recipients.  As I recall, you once expressed a fear that I might alter and misrepresent your documents as a reason for your declining my request for a computer-file version of them.

I will also post your brief on my website, unless you object to that. I'll even post, if you'll provide it, your 26-page "Counterstatement in Support of Hearing Officer's Decision" that you filed last fall with the Disciplinary Board. I then posted my Statement in Opposition and my Response to your Counterstatement, but your scanned 26-page document simply required too much memory space (many times more than a word
processor or PDF file).

Thank you for considering, and hopefully honoring, this request.

Doug Schafer
WSBA No. 8652