Year 2000-01 Media Coverage
(Comments below are by Doug Schafer)

            1. The nation's leading lawyers' newspaper, The National Law Journal, published a cover story in its January 10, 2000, issue on the Judge Anderson case and the high price I have paid and am still paying for my "obsession" to expose him and the flawed judicial and lawyer disciplinary systems that failed to do so. To read the article, click here. (I prefer the label "idealistic tenacity" to "obsession," and I suggest that the choice between those labels reflects the user's own principles and values.)

            2. The Kansas City Star published an article on Feb. 21, 2000, by writer Dan Margolies discussing the proposed changes in the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct that will expressly permit lawyers to report when they have been used to further a client's fraud, if the proposal is adopted by the ABA and individual state supreme courts. The article mentions the Washington State Bar's disciplinary proceeding against me for having reported the $1.5 million fraud of a public hospital by my former client and his judge friend. To read that article, click here.

            3. The Seattle Weekly, a news, opinion, and entertainment weekly, published a story on March 23, 2000, that its writer Rick Anderson wrote based entirely from material posted on upon my website and one e-mail exchange with me of his questions and my answers. To read that article, click here. It is posted on  A supportive letter to the editor was printed in that newspaper on April 6, 2000. It is the fifth letter on the Seattle Weekly webpage that you'll jump to if you click here.

            4. The Tacoma Reporter, a news, opinion, and entertainment weekly, also published a story on March 23, 2000, by writer Bryan Winchell, who interviewed me at length and read my website. That publisher has a somewhat neglected website (, but gave me permission to post Winchell's article directly on this website, so click here to read it.

            5. The University Place Journal, a (now defunct) suburban weekly serving University Place and Fircrest (both just west of Tacoma), published a story on March 31, 2000, by writer Craig Coley, who interviewed me at length and read this website. That article remains posted on-line; click here to read it. A re-typed copy of it is posted here.

            6. The Associated Press correspondent from its Olympia, WA bureau, Hunter George, on May 26, 2000, posted on the AP Wire a story about the State Bar's determination to discipline me for having reported "the Cadillac judge," even though the State Bar's Director of Lawyer Discipline, Barrie Althoff, is quoted in the story as saying that my reporting him "was beneficial to society." The AP story was printed by many newspapers not just in Washington state and but around the country, and also was posted on Click here to read it.

            7. The Chinook Observer published on May 24, 2000, a very thoughtful, critical editorial my Matt Winters on the way in which the "good old boy network" of lawyers and judges did its best to shield from exposure its corrupt member, Grant L. Anderson, and then worked to minimize his sanction by covering-up his evidence of outrageous fraud. The editorial notes the irony that the Supreme Court declared Anderson's "pattern of dishonest behavior" made him unfit to be a judge, but found him not unfit to be a lawyer! Click here to read it.

            8. The Los Angeles Times published on June 10, 2000, a page 1 feature story (3,921 words; 1½ pages in Section A) by writer Barry Siegel about this whistleblowing lawyer's crusade to fully expose corrupt Judge "Cadillac" Anderson in spite of the efforts by so many leaders and members of the legal profession to protect and cover-up for him. The Times is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country with a daily circulation of about 1.1 million, according to its website, The same story was reprinted in The News Tribune (Tacoma) on August 20, 2000. The story can be viewed on's fee-based database for $2 (click here), I've also noticed it posted on some nonprofit websites. Click here to see it on one such website.

            9. Forbes Magazine published on May 28, 2001, a story titled Lawyer Take All about cases in which lawyers appear to have plundered their deceased clients' estates, including lawyer-judge Grant Anderson's exploitive and disloyal handling of his deceased client Chuck Hoffman's estate. I documented to the satisfaction of the Forbes senior editor, Brigid McMenamin, (herself a lawyer) and a separate "fact-checker" that Hamilton ultimately paid only $657,000 for the estate's bowling business that was appraised at $1.33 million in 1989 and $1.78 million in 1993. Click here to see the story on the Forbes website.

            10. My hearing on May 7, 2002, before the Washington Supreme Court was reported on by the Associated Press, by the Seattle Weekly, and by The News Tribune.