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Subject: [Legalethics] Tribute to Dick Nahstoll, a Courageous and Scholarly Lawyer.
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:23:07 -0800
From: Doug Schafer <d_schafer@bigfoot.com>
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I was impressed by the courage and scholarship I found in the article cited as: R.W. Nahstoll, "The Lawyer’s Allegiance: Priorities Regarding Confidentiality," 41 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 421 (1984).

I sought to locate R.W. Nahstoll, identified in the article only as a member of the Portland, Oregon bar, hoping to thank him or her, and to learn more about him or her. I discovered Helen Nahstoll, Dick Nahstoll's widow, who graciously told me about him. To my delight, she mailed me a copy of his obituary. Given his years of dedicated service to the legal profession, I am that much more impressed by his courage in criticizing his MRPC-adopting peers in the ABA as not worthy of being labeled a "profession" (in footnote 7 of his 1984 article). As a tribute to Dick Nahstoll, I quote from his obituary in The Oregonian newspaper:

        Richardson W. "Dick" Nahstoll, distinquished lawyer, legal scholar and educator, died in Portland after an extended illness on Jan. 27th, 2001. He was 83 years old.
        Dick entered law school at the University of Michigan, but two years later his studies were interrupted by World War II. ... Following his discharge, Dick returned to school and in 1946 earned his law degree.
        In 1947, having studied a map of the U.S., Dick and Helen relocated to Portland .... From then on the sky was the limit. He and Helen adopted two children ....
        Between 1950 and 1965, Dick served as adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University College at Lewis and Clark teaching legal ethics. He was a founding member and senior partner in the Portland law firm of Lindsay, Hart, Neil and Weigler, and was later counsel to the firm. Despite a demanding law practice, he won the Ross Essay contest in 1964. In 1965, Dick served a term as President of the Oregon Bar Association following two years on the Board of Governors.
        In 1966, Dick served on a special committee to determine future improvements to the University of Oregon School of Law, which he later helped to implement. He was a member of the University of Oregon Board of Visitors from 1969-1975.
        Between 1973 and 1980, Dick served on the Council of the American Bar Association Committee to study Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, chairing that council from 1974-75. He was later appointed to the Accreditation Committee to approve law schools.
        In 1976, Dick won an art competition sponsored by the West Publishing Company. His painting, depicting a montage of a significant legal history, served as a wraparound cover for the American Bar Association Journal and on the sponsoring company's annual calendar.
        Dick was a distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at the Washington and Lee School of Law from 1983-1984. He was soon thereafter awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree by the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, and in 1985 received the prestigious Kutak Award from the American Bar Association for "outstanding contributions to legal education in the U.S."
        In 1986, Dick was Visiting Professor at Florida State University. He received in 1987 from the University of Oregon School of Law the Meritorious Service Award for "extraordinary contributions to legal education and the law in the state of Oregon."
        Dick's legacy includes nearly 40 years of public service dedicated to the field of law. He was a world traveler, visiting Europe, China, Canada and Mexico, as well as Central and South America. He was an avid supporter of the arts and civic organizations, ever conscious of those in need.
        A man of conviction and kindness, Dick's wisdom, determination and laughter will not soon be forgotten by those whose lives he touched. ...
        Remembrances may be sent to The Salvation Army or the Southern Poverty Law Center at 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

Most respectfully,
Doug Schafer, just a lawyer.

P.S., his 1984 article is posted in PDF format at http://www.dougschafer.com/articles/
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